Sep 27, 2010 failing to deploy

Today me and my colleague Tommy Skaue encountered an error when updating the Portal using the Ax portal tools under Administration->Setup->EP

We stepped through the code and found that the deployment of the WSP solution* failed with Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.dll being denied access  to the GAC.

After trying myriad ways of elevating our rights, we realized that the GAC was being held hostage, meaning a process had locked the entire folder, and thus nothing could be installed there. As it turned out an OS process had locked down the GAC because of critically low system resources.

After freeing up resources we STSADMed the solution back in, then deployed it using Central Administration. This time around there were no errors, so we retried the update command from the EP control panel under administration (we did the same in the first paragraph in this blog entry).

Everything ran smoothly, and we could once again focus on other issues.

* It wasn't really a WSP file, but a cabinet file... However: WSPs are cabinet files with a different extension, so my logic is sound. :p

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  1. I kind of hate bugs/issues like these... but it really felt good to "break through".